Working Groups

What are Working Groups?

Working Groups are teams formed by EUROAVIA members. Divided into distinct modalities, they are responsible for the good functioning of the association.

Which Working Group can I join?

Working Groups are completely open to every member. All you need is your will to learn and work. In EUROAVIA València, we have four Working Groups: Events, Marketing, Social Networks and Design.


Develop your most creative side on the Design Working Group. Here you will learn to use different graphic design tools while designing merchandising, posters, ads and social media posts.
If you are already skilled in graphic design, this is your place too! Take your knowledge to the next level or help others to learn!

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the group manager.
Pedro José García –


EUROAVIA Valencia gives importance to all aspects of our members’ lives. For this reason, one of our working groups is in charge of relieving all those tensions that we accumulate throughout the course.

At the Events Working Group, you will organise excursions to the aerospace industry, conferences with interesting speakers and training courses with different relevant companies in the sector.

All this without forgetting about the International Events, which are co-organised with the International Events Working Group. International Events are an excellent opportunity for our members to get in touch with other aerospace students and have one of the most enriching experiences of their university years.

To join the team or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the group manager.

Ángela Jordán –

¿Would you like to know the ever-awaiting labour market? ¿Do you want to know how the businesses
of our sector work? In Marketing you will find the best way to take the first sight at the world you will face after ending your degree, taking the position of Marketing Agent.

In this Working Group, we intend to expand our contact network, with which we constitute, improve and strengthen our labour relations with other businesses and entities of the sector, from the viewpoint of the institution of EUROAVIA València and that of the Marketing Agent.

We are also in search of alternative financial sources which enable the group to economically assist the technical projects and bring events for the members of EUROAVIA.

Amongst the most important aspects to pay attention to in the processes of searching, filtering and addressing businesses, we find the possibility to organize courses or formative events, which complement the academic contents from the courses of the degree of the members of EUROAVIA València, the option to manage a visit or other type of similar event for the members; or even the material or financial contribution needed to maintain and develop our technical projects.

If you want to join the team or if you have any other doubt, do not hesitate to contact the Marketing Director.

Guillermo Jarque Serrano –

Always online? Do you love to communicate and share what you are doing? If so, the Social Networks Working group is the perfect place for you!

Here, you will be responsible for the communications of EUROAVIA València. From managing our different social network accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) to designing the communications with our members and the companies we collaborate with. The Social Networks Working Group is responsible for how EUROAVIA València presents itself to the world.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the group manager.
Cristina Molina –


You can also join one of the International Working Groups, which are responsible for the functioning of the association at its international level. On these WGs, you will meet EUROAVIAns from others AS, share ideas with them and work to keep modelling the present and the future of EUROAVIA.
There are several international WG, such as Communication, Affiliated Societies, Business Relations, Design, Human Resources, Information Technology, International Events, Statutes & Bylaws and EUROAVIA Training System.

If you have any doubt or want to join an International Working Group, don’t hesitate to contact our president, who will help you through the process. 
Jose Luis Musoles –