Carthago Nova Project

2500 years ago, in Qart Hadash city, a lineage of fighters led by Anibal el Bello left their homes for facing to the established order. Their objective looked imposible: to topple the roman empire. Lower in all aspects, Carthaginians fought the Roman legions with techniques never seen, as crossing the Alps aboard african elephants for penétrate in Italy. After their defeat in the II Punic War, it passed to Roman control, being known as Carthago Nova and reaching a unique technological and economical splendor in his time. With the same entreprenurial, innovative and, above all, fighter spirit, the Chartago Nova Project arises.

It’s misión: the creation of a supersonic rocket fully reusable, able to deploy micro-satellites at low altitude for studying the troposphere with a minimum cost of launch. For take this, its members will develop various demonstrator rockets of the technic capabilities of the final rocket. Propulsion, aerodynamics and electronics come together in this exciting project of investigation and staff superation oriented to anyone willing to give the best of himself.